Dzama Vanilla 10 years 43° (43° proof)

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Wood - Sweet spices - Pastry chef - Round


Rhum - Rhum épicé ou infusé

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Dzama Vanilla 10 years 43°: Description and customer reviews

Dzama Vanilla 10 ans is first and foremost a very old 10-year-old rum. Unusually for a rum of this maturity, a Madagascar vanilla bean has been added.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose of this rum will appeal to the most refined gourmets. Vanilla mingles with aromas of mature brandy, for a woody finish that's confoundingly tender and mellow. It's a sort of creamy cake dough, with fatty almond and vanilla notes of course, topped off with a touch of old rum. Madagascar vanilla takes center stage, unfurling without limits, with a gourmandism that counts no limits either.

The palate is very soft and immediately invaded by a very dark, very fragrant vanilla. The full-bodied, natural vanilla bean offers gently spicy, almost woody notes that are rich and luscious. Oak and spices add a bit of a mid-palate kick, but the undisputed star remains the vanilla so dear to this island of Madagascar.

The finish is round and pastry-like, with a rather sweet sensation and a touch of milk chocolate.

"A melting, vanilla-flavored rum, an unreasonable indulgence..."

3 opinion

  1. Jerome G

    Perfect very good

  2. David

    Terrible 🤗🤗🤗

  3. Jonathan bore

    An incomparable vanilla taste

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