Dzama Old rum 8 years cognac finish 40°.

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Sweet spices - Fruit - Round


Rhum - Rhum traditionnel de mélasse

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Dzama Vieux rhum 8 ans finition cognac 40° : Description and customer reviews

Dzama Vieux rhum 8 ans cognac finish is a sugar rum(molasses rum) from Madagascar. While Dzama rums are traditionally aged in whisky barrels, this one has benefited from a special refining process. Indeed, the rum was first transferred to small barrels to gain even more complexity. Then it was transferred to old Cognac barrels for the final months of ageing.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose, we discover a very sweet, thick rum, we can already guess a very fat and sticky mouth. The sugar syrup is slightly fruity, just like a grenadine syrup. The vanilla caramel is also present, like a gourmet topping.

The aeration erases the fruit and gives way to the vanilla caramel. The coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk add to the thick, syrupy flavour, and a smoothness in the mouth is expected.

On the palate, the attack is not as round as one might expect, but the aromas are indeed sweet and unctuous. The vanilla caramel gains a bit of character with a pinch of nuts, then a great flight of spices surprises the taste buds by giving them a good warming.

The finish is vanilla, then we find our grenadine syrup in the last moments.

"A lot of roundness for this dessert rum, but a very spicy and surprising mid-palate..."

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  1. Alexandre DURAND

    Offered as a gift and the person concerned could not resist tasting it straight away. Very good bottle (even if rather expensive)!

    PS: I ordered and received a 70cl bottle, not a sample

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