Ferroni Brut De Fut Belize 2007 59.8°

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Wood - Sweet spices - Fruit - Roasting


Rum - Traditional English Rum - Traditional molasses rum

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Brut de fût

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Ferroni Brut De Fut Belize 2007 59.8°: Description and customer reviews

Ferroni Brut De Fut Belize 2007 is a rum from the Travellers distillery. It was aged in Provence, at the Château des Creissauds in Aubagne. It's here that Guillaume Ferroni experiments with aging and distillation, and resurrects a whole collection of forgotten spirits.

This molasses rum was distilled on a triple column. After aging for 3 years on site, in a tropical climate, it was transferred to 56-liter micro-barrels that had previously contained cognac. This second ageing took place at the château, in a humid cellar that evaporates more alcohol than liquid. Bottling was carried out without reduction, brut de fût.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose, the rum is thick, dense and full-bodied. The brandy has drawn all its richness from the barrel, bringing with it roasted cereals, scorched spices, vanilla, toasted coconut and tender old wood.

With aeration, the rum shows itself in a rather serious light. It's no joke with flavors and sweetness. The dark wood is slightly coated with caramel, as well as an intense vanilla and coconut syrup. A floral, fruity sparkle crackles in the distance and gradually draws closer, bringing more singing colors.

The palate is unreasonably greedy, but without a hint of artifice. Concentrated, it bursts onto the palate with sweet spices and caramel (and a hint of copper), with an oily texture that makes it unstoppable. The oak is irresistibly tender, soaked as it is in coconut milk and vanilla.

The finish lingers on cinnamon, sweet and spicy coffee and pepper cola.

"This Belize rum is insanely delicious, with a concentration that sticks to the palate..."

3 opinion

  1. Khaled Bachir

    An intense rum, long on the palate, complex and highly aromatic.

  2. Fabrice Giraud

    Fabulous! Vanilla, complex and very colorful...

  3. Detree SEBASTIEN

    Good but not worth the price

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