Fortin 8 years 40°

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Fortin 8 years 40°: Description and customer reviews

Fortin 8 ans is a Paraguayan rum made from pure cane honey fermented and distilled in column stills. After a long ageing period in the distillery's cellar, allowing it to absorb the aromas of the ex-bourbon oak casks used, the resulting old rum is sophisticated both on the nose and on the palate.

Laurent's tasting notes

Its color is a warm gold.

On the nose, it's not very intense and plays more on finesse. Light aromas dominate, with butterscotch (quite distinct) and vanilla (more discreet). A hint of herbs lends a little more liveliness to the whole.

Round on the palate. The rum is less shy here, becoming drier with each passing second. The notes of the nose are present, but not only, as woody notes appear, along with sweet spices. The texture is pleasant.

The finish is moderately long, with the woodiness developing to the point where the tannins stand out. The caramel is still there and is definitely the main marker of this rum. A hint of herbal notes reappears, adding a further touch of freshness.


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