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Foursquare Indelible 11 years 48°: Description and customer reviews

Foursquare Indelible is a blend of 11 year old molasses rums produced on the island of Barbados. It is mark XVIII of the Exceptional Cask Selection range.

The blend was made from the distillery's exceptional vintages, as the name suggests, distilled in the mythical double retort pot still and in a double column still (continuous distillation). The rum then spent many years on site in ex-bourbon and ex-zinfandel casks, a black grape variety of Croatian origin.

This edition was bottled in September 2021, without cold filtration.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is surprisingly light and freshly fruity. In contrast to the usual house style, the American oak cask is not immediately accessed, but the focus is more on a distillate with peaches and exotic, barely ripe fruit.

With aeration, the relatively light character of this rum is confirmed. A few spices tickle the nostrils, blown by a little ethereal air. The woody and nutty flavours are once again in the background, with light fruits and sweet spices prevailing.

On the palate, the oak expresses itself through its toasted, grilled, even roasted side. It mingles with the spices and in an ethereal and sparkling dance, from which some hints of toasted coconut and vanilla escape. The profile remains dry and rather light, and the yellow fruits keep all their light.

The finish is more mature, with the fruit now leaning towards a vanilla-tinged orange peel jam.

"A lighter than usual Foursquare, which leaves more room for its fruity distillate..."


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