Hee Joy XO Trinidad 2005 45

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Rum - Traditional English Rum - Traditional molasses rum

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Hee Joy XO Trinidad 2005 45° : Description and customer reviews

Hee Joy XO Trinidad 2005 is a molasses rum distilled at Trinidad Distillers Limited in Trinidad & Tobago. It is produced in a series of 4 columns, just like the famous Angostura rums from the same distillery.

Distilled in 2005, it spent 13 years in American oak barrels. Then, when it arrived in Charente Maritime, it was finished for 6 months in old XO Cognac casks. It is a limited edition single cask, reduced and bottled by Hedonist Spirits.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, it is a delicacy of the confectionery register that envelops us at first, with tangy fruits sprinkled with icing sugar. In the background, we can make out a slightly stronger rum, made of ripe exotic fruits varnished with a tarry and coppery touch.

With aeration, the slightly metallic ripe fruit becomes increasingly sweet and mature. We then encounter a mixture of exotic fruit jams (especially guava) which cooks in a copper pot, and which becomes concentrated until it turns into a fruit paste.

On the palate, it is with joy that we find the typical character of Trinidadian rums, between guava jam, copper, stone and a slight tarry touch. In the middle of the palate, we indulge in something more gourmand, more pastry-like, with almond, velvety aromatics, cane and sweet spices.

The finish is quite long and greedy, with a concentrated rum that does not leave the palate.

"A typically Trinidadian rum, with a sweetness that makes it particularly gourmet..."


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