Riviere Du Mât Single Cask 2003 46

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Wood - Sweet spices - Fruit - Roasting


Rum - Traditional molasses rum

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Riviere Du Mât Single Cask 2003 46°: Description and customer reviews

Riviere Du Mât 2003 was aged for 15 years in a single 400 litre French oak cask.

This is a traditional molasses rum from the oldest distillery on the island (1886). The molasses used comes entirely from Reunion Island, more precisely from the Gol and Bois Rouge sugar refineries. It is one of the greatest rums of Reunion Island.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, molasses and toasted wood indicate a rum that is fairly typical of the English tradition. The wood distributes its aromatic notes to the right and to the left, it plays the control tower. On one side, we catch roasted and caramelised nuts; on the other, vanilla and coconut, then orange peel and some red fruits in syrup. The weather develops warmth and roundness. The fruit is soft and swollen, even if the roasted woodiness that has strongly marked the juice remains.

On the palate, the attack is soft and tasty. The nuts unfold on the tongue, rise to the palate and fill the space. Then we find all the greediness of the oak, with its sweet spices, its toasted surface with coffee accents, its fatty tobacco scented with coconut. It then gives way to a fruity, slightly tarry molasses, like a quince paste.

The finish is balanced, one could think of a maple syrup which brings together all the qualities of this greedy and roasted wood.

"What could be more normal for a Reunionese than to compose on a Bourbon barrel?

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