Karukera Black Edition Alligator 45° - 1 litre!

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Wood - Strong spices - Fruit - Roasting - Plant


Rhum - Rhum pur jus de canne

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Karukera Black Edition Alligator 45° - 1 litre! Description and customer reviews

Karukera Black Edition Alligator is an agricultural rum that was first aged for 4 years in French oak barrels in the classic way. It was then transferred to "extremely burnt" new oak barrels. Indeed, the toasting applied practically charred the inside of the barrels, so that the texture obtained resembles that of the scales of an alligator...

The result is a rum with smoky and spicy notes.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, it is above all the dried orange peel that comes to us, underlined by a certain darkness. The citrus side develops, with a little acidity and a bitterness close to lime peel. The roasted woodiness takes over, with fatty, pulpy roasted nuts.

Time reveals a fresher woodiness, with a soft, white core. The rum sets up and shows a pleasant balance between oak and peppery cane. There is a certain freshness with a deep mint, not really green but almost resinous.

The palate is sweet and roasted, with the wood revealing a variety of aromas as it caramelises. Roasted nuts begin the procession, followed by cereals such as rye. It is then the turn of strong spices that numb the taste buds before leaving us a cane with citrus nuances.

The finish is roasted like a dark cocoa, but the vegetal cane has the last word.

"A meeting between a cane juice well perfumed by citrus fruits and a generously burnt barrel..."

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  1. DM

    Absolutely delicious.
    To be consumed sparingly as a real investment.

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