Ced Ti's Blended Rums Berligou Cacao - 50 cl 32° (32°)

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Complex - Sweet spices - Fruit - Round


Rhum - Rhum arrangé


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Ced Ti's Arranged Rums Berligou Cacao - 50 cl 32°: Description and customer reviews

This blend is the result of the collaboration of three enthusiasts based in the Nantes region:

  • Cédric Brément of course, the founder of Ced's rums, who, spared the most improbable experiments, brings his know-how and the agricultural rum of which this arrangé is the base.
  • Jean-Michel Poiron, who produces Berligou at the Poiron-Dabin estate in Chateau-Thébaud, a rare royal grape variety that pleased Henri IV when he came to sign the Edict of Nantes in 1598.
  • And finally Ivan Schiavon, of Mexican origin, who imports Mexican cocoa and introduces it to the people of Nantes.

This is a limited edition: only 1600 bottles were produced.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, we are still blown away by the talent and madness of Cedric (who has surrounded himself well for the occasion). This arranged rum will remind the gourmets of these dark chocolate bars with grapes, a subtle mixture of bitter cocoa and grapes with a soft and candied skin. The balance is perfect and the alcohol is forgotten, except perhaps for this little chocolate side to the liqueur.

In the mouth, a lot of greediness, but this time the rum is more present, which is not to our displeasure. The sweetness is still very moderate and the flavours are authentic and natural. We have the pleasure of tasting a real cocoa bean, which doesn't happen every day, and then the grapes and the rum bring this rather elegant liqueur side.

"I was blown away by this arranged rum. I think it is one of the most successful rums from Ced..."


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