Long Pond 2007 TECA 12 years 63

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Rum - Traditional English Rum - Traditional molasses rum

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Long Pond 2007 TECA 12 years 63° : Description and customer reviews

This Jamaican rum was distilled by Long Pond in 2007. The long fermentation process that preceded the distillation process has resulted in an ester content that, after 12 years of tropical ageing and a share of angels of over 60%, amounts to 1200-1300 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol.

This rate has earned this rum the TECA mark and makes it a real "aromatic bomb".

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, we enter the arena of the big Jamaican high esters. It's a fight with motor oil, solvent, leather, overripe fruit, all on a burning copper still. You can't help but find the show fascinating, even if you are a little shaken.

The aeration brings a little bit of greediness, and here and there we detect some pastry notes. Vanilla and cherry ice cream, plums in brandy, candied fruits, flambéed exotic fruits... The atmosphere remains stormy of course, but one feels that the rum can relax and evolve like this for long minutes.

The entry in the mouth is warm but not overpowering, as the alcohol has been well integrated by the rum. After an attack of extra-ripe fruits (bananas, mangoes) and candied or dried fruits (prunes, grapes), we notice a surprisingly light flight of menthol and chlorophyll. We quickly return to our intense concentration of aromas, this time to almond paste and cherries in brandy.

The finish lingers on the bourbon barrel, with a good dose of vanilla and toasted coconut.

« A brute with a tender heart, who makes you forget his bad boy looks as soon as he enters the mouth... "


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