Long Pond ITP 15 years 45.7°.

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Long Pond ITP 15 years 45,7° : Description and customer reviews

Long Pond ITP 15 year old is a Jamaican molasses rum from the legendary parish of Trelawny. It may seem surprising, but this is the first old rum to be bottled by this distillery, which has existed since the 18th century! Indeed, until now, its rums were only sold to brokers, blenders etc.

Distilled in John Dore pot-stills, it bears the ITP label, which indicates that it is a rather light rum at the start (90-120 g/hlap in esters). But its 15 years in American oak barrels have allowed it to gain in aroma and complexity, and to remain true to a very funky Jamaican style.

Nico's tasting note

The nose immediately transports us to an exotic garden where the thick, humid air is full of flowers and colourful fruits. These exotic fruits balance each other in a harmonious scent: banana and lychee, mango and pineapple, maracuja and star fruit.

With aeration, the rum gains a little acidity which leads us to mineral and copper notes, with a slight touch of tar. It then slides naturally towards pits, then towards a pretty pastry-like sweetness that does not overdo it, all in all, just right.

On the palate, a combination of pastry and mineral flavours comes to the fore and is particularly tasty. The ardour of a typical English style rum is then found, with ripe exotic fruits, as well as a coppery and almost salty sensation, feeding notes of pits, black cherries and resin.

The finish is sweet, with almond and exotic stewed fruits.

"A very nice balance, a richly coloured universe, for a typical and full-bodied character..."


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