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Pure cane juice rum

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Longueteau Amber 40° : Description and customer reviews

This amber rum, which could also be called "aged in wood", spent 18 months in oak barrels that had previously been used for Cognac. It is these barrels that make the difference here, as usually rums in this category are aged in foudres, which are large wooden vats. For this rum, the increased contact with the wood and the presence of Cognac in the staves (planks that make up the barrel) give it a great richness for its young age. It has been reduced to 40° so that it can be enjoyed on all occasions: relaxing tastings, cocktails, not forgetting cooking and pastries.

Produced on the Marquisat de Sainte Marie estate, located in the south of Basse-Terre, it is based on Longueteau white rum, which is a blend of red and blue cane juice. This artisanal and family distillery controls its production from A to Z and produces some of the best rums in Guadeloupe.

Nico's tasting note

In short: fruit - vegetable - fresh - strong spices

The first nose is light, with a cane flower wet with lemonade. The cane sugar in syrup goes hand in hand with the tartness of strawberry or banana candy. The cane is very fresh, a little mineral and slightly peppery, its citrus notes cover the aromas of fermentation (fruit and even very ripe vegetables) that line the bottom of the aromatic profile.
Aeration gives an even greater impression of confectionery. Love apples come in, followed by a slightly spicy tutti-frutti candy. The woody flavour then appears with the roundness of its vanilla, and the other spices that follow bring a little more pep.

The entry is quite lively and a little tart, then quickly conforms to a more traditional idea of agricultural rum. At first, the tart candy binds with ethereal aromas, then it turns into tangy citrus, whose bitter zest finally tightens the taste buds on grey pepper.

The finish is light, with citrus above all and a persistence of fermented cane juice.

3 reviews

  1. Olivier F

    Some people use it in cocktails and it is very good. Try it also in ti punch!

  2. Olivier F

    Very good as a ti punch or in a cocktail.

  3. Olivier F

    Can also be drunk as a ti punch.

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