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Longueteau XO 42° : Description and customer reviews

Longueteau XO is a blend of 8 year old agricultural rums. The breakdown between the 8, 9 and 10 year old Longueteau vintages is 70%, 20% and 10% respectively. All these vintages have been aged in oak barrels that have previously contained Cognac.

Longueteau XO is presented in a beautiful decanter.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is very expressive and elegant, with dried and candied fruits. The cane is immediately apparent, however, it has been highlighted and not masked by an excess of greed. There is an abundance of fruit here: banana, apricot, sultana, all of which is well stewed. The woodiness is subtle and sews everything together with finesse, with a slightly toasted wood that lets some coconut notes escape. The cane appears in the form of candy while heavy candied fruits (cherry and prune) fall right on top. The impression of elegance is maintained, even though we are dealing with a thick and resinous rum.
Time will tend to round off the angles even more, the dried fruits rank more and more alongside the candied fruits. The rum is still very full and exuberant but it retains its allure, which is truly remarkable. The cane is still king, draped in a finely spiced woodiness. Before dipping the lips, we imagine a fat and heady rum and a few scents of liquorice finish to convince us to take the plunge.

The attack is beautiful, pleasant, we don't want to analyse what's going on but we tell ourselves that it's fine and sweet. A slightly vinous side reminds us of Cognac, but the familiar cane brings us back to the dampness of the West Indies. There's still an impression of resin as the texture of the rum is full and present, with a vegetal and peppery feel. These characteristics borrowed from the cane and white rum are admirably preserved and serve the complexity of a very old rum that has carried many other aromas during its long maturation. The dried fruits still shine through, the honey has concentrated fruity and floral flavours. The tannins and spices support the whole.

The finish is persistent, although the intensity left us breathing faster than we would have liked. The dried apricots, prune and melted tannins will remain endlessly in our memory and on our palate.

"A great old rum that is extremely generous and knows how to preserve its elegance. A classic to discover..."

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  1. Antoine Minne

    A revelation

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