Manutea VO ex-Banyuls brut de fût BNY21 Rhum Attitude selection 58,7°.

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Manutea VO ex-Banyuls brut de fût BNY21 selection Rhum Attitude 58,7°: Description and customer reviews

We are proud to present this 3 year old old pure cane juice rum distilled, aged and bottled in Tahiti by the Manutea distillery. It is available exclusively on our website.

We have selected this cask among others intended for the local market.

Indeed, the balance is perfect between, on the one hand, the roundness and the greediness resulting from the ageing in Banyuls casks, and on the other hand, the power brought by the bottling without reduction.

300 bottles were bottled for this single cask brut de fût.

Nico's tasting note

The nose expresses itself straight away with a beautiful expression of cane, enhanced by a touch of solvent which attests to the concentration of the rum. A few aromatics come to blow a subtle and chlorophyllous breeze, almost mentholated, which allows to maintain a very high and enthusiastic note. The exotic fruits such as banana are expressive, but also maintain a nice freshness.

With aeration, a perfect balance of ripe fruit, cane, velvety fresh aromatics, and a slight spicy caramel character develops. A slightly more roasted character develops as the rum rests, and the coffee accents pick up other fruity notes, which then turn more towards cherries and prunes in brandy.

The palate is just like the nose, very expressive and tasty, without excess and without any aggressiveness. The cane is lively, brilliant and round at the same time. It is surrounded by a concentrate of very ripe exotic fruits, sometimes fermented and acidic, sometimes sweet and velvety. These are enhanced by a hint of tannin, very quickly washed away by a drop of solvent, which opens the way to a very vegetal and minty freshness.

The finish is typical of the Manutea style, with a natural cane and liquorice, almost aniseed.

"The typicity and freshness of pure Manutea juice, sublimated by a superb concentration of melted and fruity tannins..."

Pauline's tasting note

On the nose, the esters evolve on greedy notes of flambéed bananas. With airing, the notes become toasted and cocoa-flavoured. A hint of caramel finishes filling the glass.

On the palate, the attack is frank and fruity. The woody flavours envelop the flambéed banana.

The finish is long and persistent. A few touches of liquorice add freshness.

In video

On our Youtube channel, find our meeting with Etienne Houot from Manutea. He tasted with us the Manutea VO ex-Banyuls brut de fût BNY21, selected by Rhum Attitude, during the the box of the month.

7 reviews


    Not yet tasted

  2. Customer

    Excellent rum.

  3. I Rum

    Very good but a bit expensive

  4. Kevin vtz

    Very good but not for amateurs as it is very strong in my opinion

  5. Giraud Giraud

    A great discovery with this free sample. A magnificent rum that I will soon be treating myself to.

  6. Söllner

    High-quality rum. Not cheap but good value!

  7. christophe tudela

    Exceptional rum, with a long lasting taste.

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