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Modern Caribbean Rum : Description and customer reviews

With Modern Caribbean Rum, Matt Pietrek and his partner Carrie Smith give us a comprehensive overview of the world of Caribbean rum.

Since 2013, Matt has been exploring this world at length and ever more deeply through The Cocktail Wonk blog, later followed by Rum Wonk. He collects and shares invaluable information about the history of sugarcane spirits, as well as never-before-seen details about everyone who makes them happen today. This book is the sum of this impressive work, enriched with a mountain of information that will surprise even the most seasoned rum geeks.

In 850 pages and more than 900 illustrations, this book retraces the great history of rum and dives into the mysteries of its manufacture in detail. It deciphers for us its economy, its regulations, giving us all the keys to understand it in depth. None of the 70 or so Caribbean distilleries will hold any secrets for you, thanks to a series of complete and sourced portraits. This is an indispensable resource, a new reference on the subject.

3 reviews

  1. Frederic ALONZO

    Beautiful, complete

  2. Guillaume Grondin

    Bible of rum. A must have.

  3. Roy Hawkns

    Excellent book.

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