Navy Island Select Cask 2007 10 years 51.2°.

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Navy Island Select Cask 2007 10 years 51.2° : Description and customer reviews

Navy Island Select Cask 20071st edition 10 year old is a blend of 3 casks from the Jamaican distillery Hampden.

All these rums were 100% distilled in copper pot stills in November 2007.

Only 1288 bottles were produced for this first edition. Each bottle is numbered.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is an explosion of solvents and fruits, which soon perfume the whole room. The rum sticks to the nostrils and seems as concentrated as possible. It sends its aromas in all directions, with milky, acidulous, floral, heady, velvety notes... It never ceases to express itself above the glass, but also seems to contain a beautiful thickness within it.

Aeration brings only slight variations, with a slightly more vegetal and spicy profile. Liquorice and aniseed take on the task of adding a little texture and colour. The higher notes (such as sour candy) disappear, or else melt into flowers such as violet or jasmine.

The palate is very fruity, with overripe exotic fruits and green olive tones. A little burnt side intrudes between the fruits, evoking roasted nuts and rubber. The rum is round, enveloping, creamy, which leads us to a frankly greedy pastry side. There are cherries, pine needles, tapenade and almond cream.

The finish is very long, on the pits, and slightly burnt.

"All the madness of the Hampden distillery rums, as wild as they are delicious, as explosive as they are delicious...".


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