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Neisson Profil 105 54,2° : Description and customer reviews

To make this amber rum, Neisson experimented with different cask "profiles" for aging: second-hand ex-bourbon casks, but also new oak casks of different origins and burned in different ways.

So it was the "profile 105" that won unanimous approval at the Neisson distillery.

Nico's tasting notes

The very first nose offers dry notes of bagasse, pepper, and a sort of graininess that makes you put your nostrils to it with caution. But it soon opens up to fresh, sweet citrus. It then rounds out with rich, fatty oak and melted nuts. The spices are lively, marching and dancing as if to keep our attention. The woodiness can sometimes be quite toasty and dry all the same, but is each time soothed by the sweetness of a honey with peppery accents.
With time and aeration, the rum achieves a fine balance between a dry agricultural character and full-bodied nuts. The woodiness takes center stage, supported by peppery mint. The more the rum airs out, the more mature it becomes, going well beyond the usual amber rum. The cane is round, and we enter into a cozy, cottony comfort, by the fireside with a black tea and a buttery sablé. A refined little cane bonbon.

The attack on the palate is lively, frank and spicy. Cane and wood are equal partners, until the balance tips in favor of the latter, with generous pinches of cocoa and ground nuts. Peanuts too, fatty but not roasted, and a nougatine-like impression that melts on the tongue. The ever-comfortable flavors of yeast and tea are directed and shaped by the wood.

The finish is simpler, less complex, on nuts and pepper above all.

"It's impossible to guess blindly that this is just an amber or wood-aged rum, so much complexity and accomplished flavors are already there..."

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  1. Jacqueline Drevet


  2. Customer

    super good

  3. Stéphane Ti'verre

    On the nose 👃🏻: fresh cane is clearly present, giving a sense of the product's youth without necessarily guessing that it's "just an ESB". It's mingled with vanilla on the first nose, giving it a pastry-like quality that gradually fades, as well as lovely citrus notes. The alcohol is very well integrated into the product, making it impossible to guess the 54.2% vol. The woodiness is discreet at first, but gradually develops alongside the nuts.

    On the palate 👅: the attack is powerful, dry, spicy, very sweet too. With a well-presented, roasted, almost burnt wood that quickly lands behind like an aged rum, it's a sight to behold. Subsequent sips let us appreciate more the round, pastry-like character of the nose, with lovely citrus and vanilla notes brought out by the high alcohol content, before gradually switching to coffee. More like a café au lait, in fact.

    The finish gives way to a rather dry, discreet oakiness with spices like cinnamon. It's moderately long, sustained mainly by the 54.2%, which lingers a little in the throat 👌

    This is a seductive rum! I almost missed all its qualities on the first tasting, but on the second it was the right one ^^ I was even more surprised and won over by its power and at the same time its complexity for such a young rum 👏 It'll give some VOs and VSOPs a bit of a spanking, so don't let its age fool you 😄. As always, it's a matter of taste!

  4. Bertrand BERODY

    Value for money! rum with character! the benchmark for the Neisson distillery!

  5. Didier Decart

    Not being a fan of undergrowth, I was apprehensive ... but I was wrong! It's very good, and a pleasure to come back to!

  6. RM

    In sample.
    Nose: intense, hints of hazelnut and fresh almond, pineapple, dried mango, both dry and fresh wood, dried apricots.
    On the palate, a clean, precise attack, fruit, velvety cane flavors, but the woodiness is a little dry and dominant for my taste.

  7. Toine

    Neisson Neisson Neisson

  8. Chris

    Superb product with Neisson characteristics

  9. Herve

    An excellent rum, powerful and refined. The 54-degree alcohol content is palpable, making it a rum for connoisseurs. The ageing in heated barrels is very noticeable, giving it a really pleasant taste that stands out from the classic taste of wooded rums. A real pleasure to be drunk in small quantities, such is the presence of the aromas. Impressive length on the palate.

  10. Customer

    It's a Neisson, and it's superb.
    Paired with a good cigar for connoisseurs, it's a perfect match.

  11. Jonathan

    Excellent value for money! Fruity and woody! Great length.

  12. Olivier

    I bought it on the advice of a friend and haven't looked back.
    The principle of samples is nice and allows you to test without regrets.

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