Old Manada Gold 47°.

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Wood - Sweet spices - Fruit - Round - Plant


Rhum - Rhum pur jus de canne

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Old Manada Gold 47° : Description and customer reviews

Old Manada Gold is a symbol of Marseille's rum-making past. This great port was once home to a multitude of traders who bottled rums from all over the world. The heiress of the defunct brand and Guillaume Ferroni have decided to revive Old Manada by reproducing the historic recipe.

This AOC Martinique rum was distilled in the Caribbean and then aged in Provence. It spent 6 months inold Cognac barrels. To respect the tradition of the time, it has benefited from the addition of a touch of sugar and wood.

Nico's tasting note

The nose immediately offers us a beautiful, greedy woodiness, soft as a nut paste. As the peanut butter coats our nostrils, the rum slowly takes on a fuller character and begins to develop its aromas of fresh cane.

The aeration allows a resolutely agricultural side to express itself, with a cane dressed with some spices and some fruits, without too much embellishment, but with a greedy simplicity.

On the palate, the attack is both round and aromatic, with a very greedy balance. It is almost like ti'punch, with a kind of syrup infused with lime and a generously perfumed rum. A few sweet spices add to the greediness, giving it an almost pastry-like quality.

The finish is typically agricultural, with a little bitterness of lime peel.

"This Old Manada is a fine delicacy, revealing an unfeigned generosity...".

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  1. Tata

    Very good. I will start the bottle next time I order.

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