Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum 12 years 42,8° C

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Wood - Sweet spices - Fruit - Round - Roasting


Rhum - Rhum traditionnel de mélasse

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Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum 12 years 42,8° : Description and customer reviews

Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum is an aged rum produced by Mohan Meakin Ltd. in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. It is a traditional rum distilled from molasses, aged for 12 years in oak barrels in the tropical climate of India, and then blended.

Nico's tasting note

The nose first of all calls out to you by its heavy, coppery side. The exotic fruits are very ripe, even past their prime. A perfectly equitable cohabitation is established between these tropical fruits and roasted nuts. This duo is sprinkled here and there with vanilla and caramelised wood chips. The woody notes form a third aromatic pole, but with a hint of nuts. It is very toasted, and even well burnt, which brings out notes of molasses, liquorice and especially caramel.
Time will give the nuts a chance to develop, followed by a dark cocoa. These nuts combine with an air of oxidative white wine to give the rum a serious Pedro Ximenez sherry feel. It continues with roasting and sweetness, with caramel, nougatine, vanilla and an ever-present toasted woodiness.

The attack on the palate is striking, with notes of burnt caramel that catch and hold the taste buds. These notes are broken down into a slice of bread forgotten in the toaster and a nice dash of maple syrup. The dark caramel is reminiscent of the liquid caramel used to top creams or rice puddings. It contains nuts and molasses, for a very bitter overall impression. The woodiness is still well burnt, charred, and the coffee has also been forgotten on the stove.

The finish logically continues with the same dry profile of burnt caramel and very toasty wood.

"This is a rum with an atypical character, which puts the cursor on the burnt and roasted notes..."

1 visitor review(s) and 2 reviews

  1. Christophe

    The most drunk rum in the world and it is easy to see why. Molasses rum made in an ancient and artisanal process, with an inimitable caramelized taste, ideal with cola and a slice of lime!

  2. Jean Michel Serres

    Never received in an empty box

  3. samyr

    Surprisingly strong rum, dry and like burnt gingerbread.

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