Old St Andrews Clubhouse Golf Ball 40

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Cereals - Strong spices - Fruits



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Old St Andrews Clubhouse Balle De Golf 40° : Description and customer reviews

The whiskies that make up Old St Andrews Clubhouse are mostly single malts from Speyside.

This blend is made by Old St Andrews, a company specialising in assemblies for golf clubs.

Our tasting note from Thomas

The nose is full of fruit. Buttered pears and apples combine with a little lemon and almond. A bit of malt, spices (white pepper, sweet ginger, nutmeg) and a touch of wood quickly complete this very straightforward profile. A very accessible start.

The palate is not very powerful but very rounded. The fruit is again present with pear and apple, slightly sweet. It is then the turn of the roasted malt to take flight with cinnamon and ginger. After a fruity start, the cereals and spices take over.

The finish is carried by the cereal aspect and the buttery fruits, all in sweetness. A small vegetal bitterness finally appears, surrounded by dried fruits (hazelnut, almond) and toasted wood. A slightly vegetal and spicy sensation remains on the palate.

" A no-nonsensewhisky that combines fruit and grain with aplomb.

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  1. Vincent

    Interesting product sold on a quality site!

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