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Guillaume de Roany Collection Tasting Pack : Description and customer reviews

The pack contains the following 5 vintages in 3 cl format (small glass bottles):

  • Ferroni Torna Viagem collection Guillaume de Roany Beenleigh 5 years triple maturation
  • Les Rhums du Sud x GDR Foursquare 13 years single cask brut de fût 61,2°.
  • Les Rhums du Sud x GDR Montebello white agricultural High Proof 62°.
  • Les Rhums du Sud x GDR Montebello 7 years 48°.
  • Les Rhums du Sud x GDR Reimonenq Small Cask 6 months 60,7°.

A tasting glass is also offered to you to taste in the best possible conditions.

On video

We tasted this pack with Guillaume de Roany, during an evening whose replay is available on our Youtube channel.

An emblematic figure in the world of rum, Guillaume looks back on his career: his involvement in sailing, his partnership with Rhums du Sud to launch his own range of bottlings as well as his collaborations with Maison Ferroni and Rhums Reimonenq.

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  1. Herman Patrick

    The packaging, if it is designed to resist the hazards of a postal transport, remains not very ecological and disappointing for a product that has already crossed the ocean by sail (plastibulle).

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