Plantation Rum 1995 Long Pond STCE Antipodes 69°.

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Plantation Rum 1995 Long Pond STCE Antipodes 69°: Description and customer reviews

This Plantation brand Jamaican molasses rum comes from the Long Pond distillery. It is a limited-edition cuvée.

The rum was distilled in 1995 in a John Dore pot still, after a two-week long fermentation. This was enriched with dunder and muck. The mark is STCE, and this cuvée has an ester content of 690 grams per hectoliter of pure alcohol.

The first aging period lasted 23 years in a bourbon barrel in a tropical climate. The rum was then transferred to the cellars of Château de Bonbonnet, where it rested for 4 years in a Ferrand cognac barrel.

Each bottle is numbered.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose : solvent, concentrated, extremely ripe exotic fruit; there's no doubt we've arrived in Jamaica. This rum plays all the classic notes of its style, from heady tropical orchard to banana bread, to the leathery, powdery, tobacco-scented naval officer's desk.

Aeration tends to harmonize things, and we find ourselves with a typical "Navy" rum, i.e. full-bodied, fruity, spicy, evolving in a cloud of gunpowder. The interaction with the wood was truly beneficial, as the distillate's full-bodied character remained intact, while gaining a beautiful patina that reinforces its intensity while rounding it out.

On the palate, the rum is as full-bodied as expected, with an explosion of powder and copper whose cloud is studded with cherry pits and prunes. The fruit is more concentrated than colored, reduced to a juice as thick and dark as molasses. A roasted imprint begins to impose itself on the palate, like a charred barrel, adding to the overall mineral impression.

The finish is long and very "navy", with minerality and overripe exotic fruit.

"A Jamaican who makes the powder speak, and who is directly in the tradition of English Navy Rum..."


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