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Plantation Rum 2010 Venezuela 52° : Description and customer reviews

Plantation Rum 2010 Venezuela is the 6th vintage of the "Under the Sea" collection. This molasses rum comes from Venezuela and thus takes its place in this collection along with rums from Panama, Jamaica, Fiji, Guyana, and Barbados.

This vintage is a blend of 22 barrels selected by the Cellar Master of Plantation rums, Alexandre Gabriel.
The rum was distilled in 2010 in column by the Distileria SOFA.

The selected barrels spent 8 years in the tropics and are of the 200-liter ex-bourbon type. They were then transported to Javrezac, where the rum was racked and then put back into 400 liter French oak barrels. This second aging in southwest France lasted 4 years.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose reveals firm, powerful American oak, aromatic but devoid of aggressive tannins. Instead, notes of roasting, sweet spices and caramel emerge, in a generous but controlled burst.

Aeration adds suppleness and mellowness. Vanilla comes naturally to the fore, before being joined by toasted coconut.

The palate first surprises us with a "Christmas spice" aspect that we hadn't necessarily noticed on the nose. The vanilla is still there, sweet and almost creamy, but there's also cinnamon, nutmeg and a few candied, slightly bitter orange peels. Soft, white woody notes then dampen this almost acidic impulse.

The finish is tasty, with a little more roast. Vanilla and toasted coconut settle in over the long finish.

"An a priori typical American oak profile, served by well-regulated power, offers us an unsuspected palette on the palate..."

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