Plantation Trinidad 2009-2021 Beer Cask Finish 45,2°.

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Plantation Trinidad 2009-2021 Beer Cask Finish 45.2°: Description and customer reviews

This Beer Cask Finish from Plantation is a rum that originates from the island of Trinidad, located in the southeast of the West Indies.

It was distilled from molasses in a 4 column still at Trinidad Distillers Limited, after a 3 day fermentation.

This was followed by 10 years of ageing on the island in bourbon casks, before being repatriated to France for a year's maturation in Ferrand Cognac casks in the Château de Bonbonnet cellars. This 2009 vintage was then finished for a further 11 months in barrels that had previously contained Duvel. Duvel is a Belgian high fermentation lager, created in 1923.

This is a limited edition from the Single Cask Collection. Each bottle is numbered.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is full of mellow yellow fruit, with a great delicacy and cereal accents that evoke a round and sweet rum. The abundant stone notes bring a particularly generous pastry side, supported by bitter almond.

With a little airing, a soft but roasted woodiness is revealed, as well as fuller-bodied spicy notes with slight tarry undertones. The fruitiness then resurfaces with an oily character reminiscent of orange peel.

On the palate, the greedy American oak quickly gives way to a great pastry delicacy. The raisins, prunes and almonds evoke a rich and creamy cake batter, generously sprinkled with rum.

On the finish, a hint of roasting spices up the palate a little.

"A very gourmet and pastry version of Trinidadian rums..."


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