Presidente Marti 15 years Solera 40°.

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Presidente Marti 15 years Solera 40° : Description and customer reviews

Presidente Marti 15 ans is produced by the Oliver y Oliver distillery using the solera technique, which consists of giving the younger rums the benefit of the maturity of the older rums.

The wine was aged in American and French oak barrels.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, you immediately recognise the Latino style with its aromas of caramel and vanilla. The rum also has a buttery and mellow popcorn-like quality. The nuts and molasses offer darker notes for a welcome balance. As with the early popcorn, the sweetness returns in the form of a well roasted fairground praline. The wood comes in at just the right time to tighten it all up and avoid going overly sweet, with a few hints of vanilla leaking from its veins. This wood is slightly smoky and toasted, with a scent of blond tobacco.
Aeration reveals a less tender, more powdery core. The dried nuts and cocoa are intense, although contained by a certain sweetness. The wood is also more dusty and a surprising industrial edge, with a hint of engine grease, appears in the manner of a Trinidadian rum. This new phase opens the way to a fruitier side, with quince and a not too ripe white peach. The vanilla still finds its place in this setting but it is lighter, less round.

The attack in the mouth is sweet, compensating for the dryness of the well-burnt nuts. The caramel is salty and makes you salivate, the better to melt the vanilla. The harder, industrial aspect is still present in the middle of the mouth, for a rum with two facets. Sometimes sweet and thick, sometimes dry and light, it plays with our reference points.

On the finish, the pepper starts a more classical orientation on a rather sweet and caramelised rum.

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    Hello, I am delighted with my purchase, have a nice day.

  2. PV

    Waaaouuu! Just sensational! For those who like El Dorada and Diplomatico, this is the perfect mix for me. As for the vapours and flavours, I agree 100% with Nico's description. I had just ordered a sample, next time it will be the bottle for sure.

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