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Pusser's 15 years 40° : Description and customer reviews

Pusser's 15 Year Old is a Navy Rum that follows the traditions of the Royal Navy Admiralty.

Handcrafted in small batches, this limited edition rum is the result of both 300 years of British naval history and 15 years of oak ageing. Pusser's 15 Year Old is a blend of rums from Demerara, Guyana, highlighting the skills of the former British occupation of the Caribbean.

Nico's tasting note

Connoisseurs will recognise it, it is the famous distillate from the Port Mourant still in Guyana that clearly dominates the nose. The nose is full-bodied, very English, a little metallic and powdery. Past exotic fruits are matched by pastry notes of dried fruits and currants. The spices are numerous, the clove and cardamom are well blended. To continue to make our mouths water, the candied cherry arrives in the manner of a Guadeloupean rum. If we were to give this rum a reference point, we would speak of a blend of typical Port Mourant notes with some Guadeloupean incursions. In other words, we are indeed in an exacerbated exoticism, but which we would describe as candied rather than overripe.
Aeration reveals a spicy and acidulous woodiness, the exotic fruits in fermentation fade a little. There is a little solvent that makes us think of Jamaica, supported by the fresh banana skin. A certain power now emanates from a tasting rum, which is certainly not lacking in character. This power is expressed for example with cocoa and copper notes in the background.

The attack in the mouth is greedy and soft, full of prunes and melting candied fruits that release a sweet juice. The vigorous exoticism then takes over, accompanied by a salted caramel and a little smoke. Then it disappears in favour of a fresher plum which brings out some more alcoholic notes.

The smokiness remains on the palate, developing into a long, sweet taste of blond tobacco. The rum remains expressive and retains its full-bodied English style despite a rather sweet appearance. Thank you Port Mourant!

"This blend offers us a tour of the Caribbean and a more sophisticated take on the rums that British Navy sailors might have enjoyed..."

2 reviews

  1. Ju R

    Very particular taste, very English but quite good. Unique rum

  2. Philippe Traissac

    Powerful but well-balanced rum in the pure tradition of British rums

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