ReimonenQ White Heated Heart 50° - 1 litre!

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ReimonenQ White Heated Heart 50° - 1 litre! Description and customer reviews

ReimonenQ cœur de chauffe is first distilled from pure cane juice fermented in a column still. The rum is then stored in stainless steel vats and finally bottled after reduction to 50°.

ReimonenQ cœur de chauffe has won numerous medals at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris.

Nico's tasting note

The nose opens quickly on a round and perfumed cane. Its velvety side touches the flesh of the mango, then the rum becomes more lively on contact with the lime. The bagasse is candied and very slightly peppery, the vegetal side is also very round.

Aeration gives us a full-bodied, sweet white rum, like a ready-made ti'punch. The lime notes are delicate and nuanced, and the bagasse readily fades in the face of the well-rounded cane juice.

The mouth is frank, like a straight and peppery cane. The bagasse expresses itself much more and gives a rustic side to this agricultural rum. One expects nothing less from an authentic rum like this. The mid-palate is slightly spicy, but also seized by the bitterness of the lime peel.

The finish is round and sweet, the cane then takes on a fruity veil, with pear and plum.

"Simple, effective and authentic, a perfect companion for the ti'punch..."


3 reviews

  1. BSe

    The best value for money.
    Very good product

  2. Olivier F

    Very good as a ti punch, or even for tasting. A rum with a distinctive flavour

  3. ISAMBARD Noel

    Perfect, it heats up

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