Rhum Charrette Héritage Le Vanillé 40

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Rhum Charrette Héritage Le Vanillé 40°: Description and customer reviews

This Charrette rum released in 2016 is part of the Charrette Héritage range. It is an aged rum combined with Bourbon vanilla grown on Reunion Island.

Nico's tasting note

In short: sweet - vanilla - coffee - round

The nose evokes candy at first, something very sweet close to grenadine syrup. The atmosphere is one of confectionery and greed. The whole gradually becomes creamier, with milk chocolate, then the vanilla explodes all at once. It comes in several forms: vanilla sugar, vanilla cream.... It is very greedy. With time, the sugar is forgotten in favour of a teasing vanilla.

On the palate, the same explosion of vanilla, a black vanilla with a very fatty pod. The impression on the palate contrasts with that of the nose, as we forget the sweetness. The vanilla is quite deep and is supported by freshly ground coffee.

The finish returns to the sweet gourmet, one could think of a sweet vanilla coffee.

"No deception on the goods, vanilla is indeed at the heart of this fragrant and greedy rum..."

1 visitor review(s) and 7 reviews

  1. Valentin CRÔNE

    Cheaper elsewhere, but good product

  2. Nicolas Janssens

    Very good. I am happy to find this rum after years. A friend from Madagascar gave me a taste.

  3. Maya

    The strength of rum combined with the sweetness of vanilla... drink a candy❤️

  4. Michel Saudemont

    Excellent. In Belgium not available. A colleague gave me your website and I placed my order. This rum is delicious. The vanilla aroma is very strong without distorting the taste of the rum.

  5. Vacrate

    I'm not usually a fan of rum, but I tasted this one with Vanilla, it's just exceptional! Incredible

  6. Customer

    Very good, I recommend
    the vanilla is very present

  7. Laurent C

    The vanilla note brings all its character, roundness and finesse in the mouth. It is surprisingly long on the palate.

  8. Yasmine Moor

    Very good, to be eaten sparingly, otherwise a little nauseating.

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