Ced Ti's Pineapple Victoria Rums 32° - 4,5 litres !

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Ced Ti's Rums Arrangés Ananas Victoria 32° - 4,5 litres ! Description and customer reviews

This arranged rum is made near Nantes from AOC rum from Martinique and Victoria pineapple, a variety grown only on Reunion Island.

It was awarded a gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole in 2013.

This 450 cl format will delight Ced's rum aficionados!

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, the Victoria pineapple is extremely ripe and heady, its consistency filling the space. The rind of the pineapple gives a vegetal and exotic touch. Then comes the white agricultural rum, in which a few grains of cane sugar have been melted. The atmosphere is truly tropical, warm and humid.
The pineapple becomes fresher with airing. The rainforest air becomes clearer and reveals more cane and a vegetal register, on the straw of the cane.

The entry in the mouth is full, the pineapple is very consistent. Then it melts into the rum, which then develops its citrus flavours. The sensation is not too sweet, just enough to be a little acidic. It is also slightly spicy with pepper and cinnamon.

"You can feel that this arranged rum makes a difference thanks to the quality of the selected ingredients..."


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