Rom de Luxe Jamaica DOK White 85,6°.

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Rom de Luxe Jamaica DOK White 85,6° : Description and customer reviews

Rom De Luxe Jamaica DOK White is a Jamaican molasses rum. It represents all the expertise of the distilleries in the parish of Trelawny, the most famous of which is Hampden. Distilled in pot-still, it is the most concentrated rum that can be produced in the country. The long fermentation in the presence of vinasse, muck and cane juice vinegar results in approximately 1600 grams of esters per hectolitre of pure alcohol.

This rum is usually reserved for blends, but Rom De Luxe gives you the rare opportunity to discover it as it is, and what's more, "still proof", i.e. raw from distillation.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose comes through long before you actually approach the glass. The rum that fills the room is extraordinarily concentrated, but does not display any overly wild aromas, apart from a good layer of varnish. Instead, it shows a fairly clean profile, moving more towards blackberry and cassis than jackfruit.

With aeration, we touch on a more tropical and exotic side, with overripe pineapple, José mango and jackfruit. One can also detect an almost creamy aspect, like a sort of milky sorbet with red and black fruits.

On the palate, a small drop is enough, as the power is extreme. The aromatic concentration of this rum allows it to express itself even with so little substance. The exotic fruits invade the palate in the most beautiful way, with an enveloping warmth. Jackfruit is in first place, with overripe pineapple following closely behind. A few touches of blackberry follow, with the tannic edge of grape or blueberry skin.

The finish is extremely long, and "spicy" with a little metallic edge that pulls towards core and resin.

"As one might expect, this rum is a monster of concentration to be tasted drop by drop. But if you take a few precautions, the experience is ultimately a pleasant one..."

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  1. marc dommel

    A lot of character for a white
    For English amateurs / phenol type

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