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Rum & Cane Asia Pacific XO 43° : Description and customer reviews

Rum & Cane Asia Pacific XO is a blend of rum fromIndonesia and rum distilled and aged in Fiji.

Nico's tasting note

In short: molasses - caramel - exotic fruits - vanilla - almond - round

The nose opens with typical molasses rum aromas, rich and caramelised, with a metallic touch. The ripe fruit in fermentation develops a little acidity and even a touch of olive. The profile remains warm and full, led by the caramel and vanilla that constantly round out the fruitiness.
On aeration, the rum continues its journey quietly. We enter into more oxidised but greedy notes, with prune, a little marzipan and crushed exotic fruits. Vanilla in the form of pastry aroma spreads its sweet perfume.

We have a nice, clean attack on the palate, with a good spicy presence. With a base of molasses, it spreads to exotic fruits, then to chocolate and vanilla. The texture is round and then becomes slightly thinner, with a certain thickness in mind.

The finish retains the fullest aromas of ripe exotic fruit and olive.

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  1. Phil Gringo

    I found it very light in flavour and not really greedy with a little taste of green olive. On the other hand, the Rum & Cane bottles are really beautiful.

  2. Eric

    Very good rum. The whole series is at the same level, especially the French.

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