Rum & Cane Spanish Carribean XO 43

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Wood - Sweet spices - Fruit - Round


Traditional Spanish rum (Ron)

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Rum & Cane Spanish Carribean XO 43° : Description and customer reviews

Rum & Cane Spanish Carribean XO is a blend of two traditional Spanish molasses rums, one produced in Cuba and the other in the Dominican Republic. This rum has been aged for at least 6 years in American oak barrels that previously contained bourbon.

Nico's tasting note

In short: powdery - nutty - fruity - exotic - citrus - sweet - balanced

The first nose has a "navy rum" feel, very powdery, on gunpowder or flint. The slightly oxidised copper notes lead us to walnut and cocoa, which is quite a pleasing introduction. What is surprising is that the somewhat warlike and tempestuous side is vanilla and sweet on the other hand. There is also pleasant, mellow fruit, the prune seems to want to reconcile the two worlds and temper the proceedings.
The aeration makes the powder speak even more, the oxidation notes now turn to plum, blackberry or blueberry. The rum finally opens up with fresh and slightly acidic exotic fruits.

The attack in the mouth is soft, then the gun goes off without warning and produces a beautiful explosion of exoticism. Fruits such as banana and pineapple rise in power until they reach a beautiful spicy intensity. Citrus fruits such as kumquat bring a breath of freshness but also a little bitterness that brings precision, both in the texture and in the flavours.

In the final, memories of heavy artillery, olives and alcohol remain.

"A surprisingly intense rum in relation to its origins, yet with a sweetness and balance that make it very accessible..."

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  1. Thomas

    A very nice discovery! Sensational, the description is very precise, the sweetness comes first and that makes it very affordable as a dry rum. And then a little later you feel the richness of the aromas. I think it's a great way to discover a rum to taste dry with friends!

  2. Olivier

    I bought it on the advice of a friend and have not regretted it.
    The principle of samples is nice and allows to test without regrets.

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