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Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still 57° : Description and customer reviews

Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still is the first white rum offered by the Italian brand specialising in the import and packaging of rums from the Caribbean.

Produced in the village of St. Catherine in southeastern Jamaica, more precisely in the Worthy Park distillery, this white rum undoubtedly has a surprising personality. This is what motivated Fabio Rossi, founder of Rum Nation, to choose it.
Its aromatic bouquet makes it an ideal ingredient for cocktails such as the Boston Cooler, the Dark & Stormy or the Jamaican Mule.

Laurent's tasting note

It is perfectly translucent.

On the nose, we are on... a UFO! You have to be prepared for it. The first thing that strikes you is its intensity and personality; a beautiful melting pot of floral notes, spices, handouts from my childhood and truffle in the background. I even got a few whiffs of cane juice, which is the last straw for a molasses rum.

On the palate, the attack is relatively soft for its 57° but it quickly becomes drier and you will feel its warmth as you swallow it.
Some of the aromas experienced on the nose are present, as well as olive, something vegetal, but also that handout that turns into a tube of glue (still from my childhood).

The palate is marked for a long time. The tube of glue becomes super-gluey and it leaves a sensation of unripe banana in the mouth.

"The day I tasted this rum, it was a real shock. I didn't think a molasses white could have such character."

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  1. Phil Gringo

    Good balance between the aromatic power, the sweetness, its glue flavours and the light fruity taste which reminds me of banana. It reminds me of Rum Fire but finer and more pleasant to taste pure. Very good funky rum.

  2. Mr FLAMBARD Jorel

    I particularly like the vegetal taste of rums, it is a very particular bottle in the mouth, but very pleasant!

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