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Santa Teresa 1796 40°: Description and customer reviews

Santa Teresa 1796 is one of the most popular rums from Venezuela's largest distillery. It is aged in solera, i.e. in overlapping oak casks, a method originally used for maturing sherry. It is with this particular technique that the cuvée acquires its character and balance.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose of this rum opens with typical notes of molasses and caramel. Simple and pleasant, it evolves on a rather fat and sweet blond tobacco. One can see that the cask has been burnt, as a toasted woodiness gives the whole a good hold.
When the glass is shaken a little, a rather powerful alcohol flies out, bringing with it fruity notes and a sort of strawberry candy. This second nose moves away from the first impressions and gives way to cane sugar syrup.

On the palate the rum regains the character seen on the nose in the first moments. We have burnt notes of sugar, molasses and wood which also bring out vanilla. The texture is very smooth, round and also tart at times. But it's a toasted profile that comes through in the end: it's like a slice of toasted bread.

The finish is light and easy, like a milky caramel candy.

"This is a good example of the Latin American style that does not fall into over-sweetness..."

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  1. Jacqueline Drevet


  2. Paul Iverno

    This alcohol is easy to drink and not unpleasant, but for those who like the strong taste of a good perfume, I find it lacking in character.


    Excellent Rum

  4. Cyrielle

    Perfect delivery

  5. kheelan

    very strong in the mouth at the first sip

  6. Hugo

    What a great discovery. All the splendour of the solera in a drier version than I was used to seeing. It is an undeniable success. Magnificent and with surgical precision in the flavours. Without the "taste" of alcohol. A must try

  7. Detree SEBASTIEN

    RON goes everywhere, quite well done.

  8. samyr

    It is a good solera rum with character. It is easily drunk dry.

  9. Georges

    Excellent and elegant

  10. Jerome

    A sure thing, voted best old rum in the world three times! My favourite :-p

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