Trois Rivières 12 years 42°.

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Trois Rivières 12 years 42° : Description and customer reviews

Trois Rivières 12 ans is a blend of several agricultural rums aged for 12 to 15 years in oak barrels that once contained bourbon, resulting in a powerful and richly flavoured rum.

Laurent's tasting note

Its colour is a beautiful copper with green reflections.

On the nose, there are quite a few aromas that tickle our nostrils. First of all, fruit: apple, the liveliness of red fruit, nuts and a more discreet peach. Of course the wood is there too, normal for its age. The whole offers a nice balance.

On the palate, the influence of the cask is more present. Tobacco appears and the impression is slightly tannic. The apple resists.

The finish is long. Here too it is the cask that takes over; light wood, tobacco, vanilla and again this tannic impression. This time it's the peach that takes over for the fruity presence (even if rather discreetly). After a while, the wet wood, associated with the cane, makes a timid appearance.

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  1. Stéphane Ti'verre

    Tasting of a 5cl sample offered with the order.

    On the nose 👃🏻: it's a very rich rum, intense but not sharp, that takes us generously with spices and well candied fruits, as well as a very greedy old wood that sets the picture. It's mainly orange and apple, with a little more peach afterwards and even banana at times. The cane is honeyed and decidedly woody but without excess. It is very warm on the nose and you can feel that it is a dry profile that awaits you.

    On the palate 👅 it is indeed a very dry profile, with a very gripping attack on wood and spices, pepper, cloves, nutmeg. Its age is not in doubt, we are in the old casks and this becomes more pronounced with the passing minutes, it requires time. The slightly damp woody flavour becomes more pronounced on the following sips and lasts a long time on the palate, it is really of great accuracy and elegance for my taste. This rum also subtly reveals the fruity notes that we had on the nose, adding a caramelised or even tobacco side that is magnified here.

    The finish is long as you would expect. I have gingerbread that expresses itself well and the tannins of the wood stay with us on the palate. But also very light fruity aromas that linger in the background like a lingering phenomenon 👌

    What a treat 😍 As always, we find the DNA of Trois Rivières rums. It's a very nice discovery of a bottle that I would never have bought given the price (I still set limits for myself 😁) but thanks to this sample system it allows us to access high quality tastings. If you can afford it, go for it! If not, the Trois Rivières Triple Millésimes is an alternative to consider.

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