William Hinton 6 years Brandy Cask 42°

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Rum - Pure cane juice rum

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William Hinton 6 years Brandy Cask 42°: Description and customer reviews

William Hinton 6 ans Brandy Cask is a single cask Madeira agricultural rum. It was aged and bottled at Engenho Novo Da Madeira, the island's youngest distillery. Although it is the newest distillery on the island, it houses the old Engenho William Hinton column, dating back to 1845.

For this cuvée, 2 rums of pure cane juice have been blended. On the one hand, a rum aged for 6 years in French oak barrels. On the other, a 25-year-old rum from the former distillery, closed in 1986. These two rums were combined in a brandy barrel for 9 months. The cuvée was bottled in 375 units only.

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