Rhum Agricole Blanc discovery pack boxed set of 5 rums + glass


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Rhum Agricole Blanc discovery pack 5 rums + glass: Description and customer reviews

Discover the richness of agricultural rums from the West Indies and Madeira. Distilled from pure cane juice, they are an authentic reflection of their terroir. Whether from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante or Madeira, we've selected these emblematic rums for their exceptional quality. You can enjoy them in a traditional ti'punch or in a tasting session, like real cane brandies.

This pack includes 5cl samples of the following rums:

- Rhum par Neisson 52.5°° (52.5° proof)

- La Favorite Rivière Bel Air 2020 53°° (53°)

- White 59° connecting rod

- Latitudes O Reizinho 50° white

- Longueteau White 62

A gift box is also provided to store or offer these samples, as well as a tasting glass to tame them like an expert.

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  1. Thomas

    A great way to discover new ranges

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