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Wray and Nephew Overproof 63°: Description and customer reviews

Wray and Nephew Overproof 63° is a very popular white rum in Jamaica.
It is drunk dry, and makes excellent cocktails such as the Mai Tai or the Daiquiri.

Nico's tasting notes

In short: powerful - solvent - cane sugar - ripe exotic fruits - almond - stone

The nose sends us straight to Jamaica, but the island is still quite quiet for the moment, still fresh and early. The sugar cane escapes in a rather powerful blast. In spite of a slightly vegetal leaning, one will especially remember the solvent notes, a little metallic and typically Jamaican.
The aeration exhales even more solvent, and then the rum thus rid of this ardour starts to make us wink with fruit brandy. The sun has risen over Jamaica, everything is rounder and fruitier. The ripe exotic fruits are still contained, the almond is greedy and accompanied by rather engaging medicinal touches. With time (and a few precautions), the rum even becomes frankly round and brioche-like.

The attack in the mouth is much rounder than expected. The rum is full and envelops the palate, but without any real complexity. It is heated and then maintained for a long time, so we understand how interesting it is in cocktails. It then evaporates slightly, with light aromas of fruit stones (plum, cherry) and almond.

The finish is on cane sugar and even cane juice, which is quite interesting and unexpected. At the very end, a little bitter and coppery lemon zest is detected.

"A mixology staple, it's easy to see why when you taste it neat..."

2 opinion

  1. Stéphanie Boisart

    Good rum but not to my taste hence the note

  2. Giani Larue

    A "real" Jamaican!

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