Yoichi Single Malt 45

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Cereals - Sweet spices - Roasting



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Yoichi Single Malt 45° : Description and customer reviews

This single malt is the only expression of the Yoichi distillery.

It is a blend of whiskies of different ages.

Tasting note from Thomas

The nose shows a nice density. The peat is really light, bringing smoky wood and slightly farmhouse butter aromas. The cereals are impregnated with it and are accompanied by a little chocolate mousse, butter and nuts. The advance is subtle and always balanced. A relatively discreet touch of spice (nutmeg) enhances the whole, while a hint of mineral and malt come through.

Theaeration brings together cereals, chocolate, nuts and spices around a peat that is enriched by a little mint.

The palate is silky and not overpowering. The balance that is palpable on the nose is also present on the palate. The peat is really light and very refreshing and combines with dark chocolate, smoked cereals and nuts. If the entry is very sweet, we quickly switch to something slightly drier: cinnamon, liquorice, nutmeg, a mineral touch. However, the balance remains interesting, with the chocolate and dried fruit providing the sweetness.

The finish is more minimalist but finishes the tasting with a quietness. The roundness of the chocolate cream is combined with a slightly mineral and minty peat. The walnut and nutmeg then remain in the mouth.

" A lovely Japanese whisky where the very light peat only serves to enhance the other flavours... "


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