Zacapa Centenario Royal 45

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Zacapa Centenario Royal 45° : Description and customer reviews

Zacapa Centenario Royal is a molasses rum from Guatemala. The oldest cane honey spirits of the Zacapa house have been selected.

In addition to the exceptional character of the blend, the ageing process also received special attention. It was carried out in French oak barrels from Allier, Nevers, Vosges and Tronçais. These four forests are part of what is known as the "Bois du Roy", protected estates that belonged to the King of France.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is very sweet, and builds on a strongly toasted, very toasted, roasted cask. The nuts have been flame-blackened, and deliver notes of sweet spices and toast as they cool.

With aeration, the very dark profile of this rum takes on nuances of aged brandy, with notes of cherry pit, prune, and very candied vegetation. Finally, the oak opens its fibre to let typical aromas of vanilla and sweet caramel blossom.

The palate is very soft and syrupy, and the caramel covers the palate in no time. The toasted and roasted notes then take over the taste buds, flowing in all directions, and the sensation of alcohol is almost absent.

Thefinish of this sweet liqueur continues with liquorice molasses and concentrated caramel.

"A very round, very sweet rum, like a caramel with roasted notes..."

3 opinion

  1. Mathieu laihoktim

    Exceptional rum. Absolutely incredible, to drink with a very good cigar!

  2. Pence

    More depth than the vintage will sell 23

  3. Pearly Azalya Kataleya

    One of the best, a velvety mouthfeel...

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