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Zacapa Centenario XO 40° : Description and customer reviews

Zacapa Centenario XO is a Central American rum that is the result of a solera aging method. This process is a blend of several rums that have spent between 6 and 25 years in barrels that have previously held bourbon, sherry, or Pedro Ximénez wine.
The blend was then further aged in French oak barrels that had previously contained cognac.

All these operations were carried out at an altitude of 2,300 metres in order to allow for a long ageing period without suffering too much loss through evaporation (the famous "angels' share"...)

Laurent's tasting note

Its colour is caramel.

On the nose, a powerful impression of butterscotch clearly dominates. Then aromas of nuts and orange follow. Wood completes the profile. The whole is greedy and one imagines it to be sweet. It also takes on momentary accents of English candy.

In the mouth the attack confirms this impression of sweetness (without being syrupy) and greediness. The caramel is still present but is associated with chocolate.

The finish is medium long and still dominated by milk chocolate (at first), then caramel and finally vanilla.

On video

This rum is part of the Discovery pack for sweet rums that we tasted live with Marc Goubert, a specialist in Latin rums, in a video to be found on our Youtube channel.

5 visitor(s) opinion and 20 opinion

  1. Christelle DESBOIS

    Very good product

  2. Valcoco

    An excellent rum!

  3. Christophe Kauffmann

    Whisky nose too pronounced for my taste

  4. Marie Miers

    Fast delivery, in perfect condition and very good rum.

  5. Leticia Vera Sánchez

    Everything was perfect!

  6. felix giloux

    very good, chestnut flavour, but too expensive

  7. Brice Touchard

    Excellent rum for those who like to be plump

  8. Bertrand

    Excellent, round & soft

  9. Pearly Azalya Kataleya

    Top, a delight in the mouth

  10. Mr MIESCH Jean-Marc

    Excellent. Top site, I highly recommend it.

  11. Lorraine Assohoun

    One of the best Rum of my tastings

  12. Grégory Carreno

    Pleasant, very easy to drink, hence its success. Excellent at 4pm for a snack but not for a spirit.

  13. Julien MEISS

    Top quality and exceptional rum

  14. guillaume deniau

    very well packaged but not yet tasted

  15. Fabien Cormenier

    A treat this rum

  16. Savarese Robert

    I expected better


    Very good rum that is well worth the price. Tasted it before and always a pleasure to come back to it

  18. Raphael

    Very well balanced rum....sweet but not too sweet, dry but not too dry either.
    A delight that costs more than 100 euros!

  19. Elodie

    Exceptional product!!!

  20. CLAIRE

    I really liked this rum!

  21. Jean-Louis

    Beautiful. The first bottle I've ever bought in this price range and obviously it wasn't blind that I went for this elixir.

    There are not enough superlatives to describe such an enchanting, sweet, suave, amber with its brown sugar side.

    A real delight from A to Z, perhaps a little short on the finale, but that's just an invitation to fill your glass?

    Impeccable service from Rumattitude, I highly recommend it!

  22. Antonio

    Good but not great

  23. Yann

    A rather sweet rum aged in Armagnac barrels with a great richness of flavour.
    very good digestive

  24. Louison

    An incredibly smooth rum! Smooth and light in the mouth. Without doubt the best of the Zacapa house! The bouquet of aromas is very rich. It has an excellent length in the mouth. I highly recommend this product.

  25. Almudena

    I discovered Zacapa through their 15 year old, which is quite dry, and then I had the chance to taste the 23 year old at a friend's house. I was won over. After tasting the XO at a trade fair, I had no choice but to buy a bottle. A real treat!

    Special mention to the speed of the shipment and the low shipping costs

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