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Zacapa El Alma 40° : Description and customer reviews

Zacapa El Alma is a honey cane rum from the Heavenly Cask collection. It is produced by the Guatemalan distillery from a sugar cane plantation located on a volcanic plateau 350 metres above sea level.

This limited edition was created by cellar master Lorena Vásquez based on a blend of rums distilled in a single copper column still. After ageing for 6 to 23 years in the solera method, the rum was then finished in heavily toasted American white oak barrels that had previously contained American whiskey, giving it sweet notes of caramel, cinnamon and toasted almonds.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose immediately signals a typically roasted and round style, which takes us towards roasted and caramelized nuts, sweet coffee, molasses and maple syrup. No charcoal or smoke notes, but balance and sweetness.

Aeration brings a little more crunchiness, more dryness, like a brittle nougatine encrusted with toasted nuts. The roundness of the vanilla is also expressed more, and starts to form a comfortable base.

On the palate, the rum gently curls against the taste buds with an unfeigned sweetness, yet neither too round nor too sticky. The balance is there, and the sweetness is simply there to counterbalance the most roasted notes.

The finish is velvety and caramelized, like a melting toffee with sweet spices.

"A Zacapa that pushes the roasted notes while balancing them with a controlled sweetness..."


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