A 1710 Fire Beast 50.9°

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Sweet spices - Fresh - Fruit - Plants


Rum - Rhum blanc - Pure cane juice rum

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A 1710 Bête à Feu 50.9°: Description and customer reviews

A 1710 Bête à Feu is a white agricultural rum distilled in Martinique. Its emblem is the "Bêt à Fé", a firefly symbolizing lost souls in search of paradise. The symbolism doesn't stop there, however, as "fire" plays an important role in the ti'punch ritual. For example, the "decolaj", the first punch of the day, is also called "mise à feu". And this continues throughout the day, with the "feu" at 10 a.m. and the "ti feu" at midday.

This rum is made from pure cane juice from a single press. It is distilled in a copper still with a 7-plate column, nicknamed "La belle Aline".

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is full of fresh, ripe cane aromas. This is a very rich, generous, tropical profile that takes us between the rows of sugar cane, where an orchard air blows with bananas and mangoes.

The aeration insists and re-insists on the cane taking up the whole frame, and in what a way! It seems a little more cooked than in the first moments, and carries some licorice aromas that a splash of lime quickly refreshes.

The palate is full-bodied and powerful, with a gentle bite of fresh cane. It's the vegetal side that expresses itself best on the palate, with wet, herbaceous notes of cut grass and fresh herbs.

The finish is savory, lingering more on the peppery bark of the cane. A hint of lime zest closes the deal, with a slight bitterness that keeps you coming back for more.

"A very fine cane brandy, with a charming nose and a warm mouthfeel..."

10 opinion

  1. A.D.

    Bottle bought as a gift, much appreciated

  2. Jean-François Féraud

    One of the best rums available 👍🏻

  3. Customer

    Superb rum with an extraordinary nose. Excellent on its own or as a ti-punch.

  4. customer

    A great original rum from a house that does nothing but good.

  5. Jean-François Féraud

    Very pretty bottle, a real treat full of fragrances

  6. Sébastien MALLART

    A bouquet of aromas from start to finish, my favourite rum of the moment, congratulations to the producers!

  7. Jean-François Féraud

    Beautiful, super fragrant discovery

  8. Giraud Giraud

    A1710 , a sure bet!

  9. Stéphanie Boisart

    Good rum though strong enough for me 😊

  10. Thomas

    Now my Best for high-end ti punch. And very pleasantly dry too, so you can travel straight away.

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