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Barikenn Fiji Single Cask 2012 58.5°: Description and customer reviews

Barikenn Fiji Single Cask 2012 is a single cask from South Pacific Distillery, selected by Breton bottler Barikenn. Distilled in pot-still in August 2012, on a molasses base, this first fill bourbon cask bearing the FPBP mark has been aged in its country of origin for 2 years.

It then travelled to Europe, where it was aged for a further 7.5 years. Bottling took place in March 2021, so this rum has 8 years on the clock. 291 bottles were produced after reduction.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is very generous and full-bodied, but without aggressiveness, without being disturbed by alcohol or unbalanced notes. The exotic fruit dominates, very sweet and ripe, with a tropical and exuberant character, very playful. Some lightly coppery spices add thickness, encouraged by notes of almonds and kernels that further broaden the body.

The aeration gives even more coherence and harmony to the whole, and the rum seems to gain a syrupy, sticky character, but without any impression of sweetness. A little touch of resin adds to this impression of concentration. We can't wait to dip our lips in it.

The palate is powerful but rather round, with a full-bodied, spicy, coppery aroma profile that leans towards pits and coffee. The amarena cherries seem to be soaked in port, and then we move on to rum-soaked sultanas, for a definite pastry-like but relatively light register.

The finish offers a hint of bitterness, followed by a length of ripe exotic fruit juice, caressed by resin.

"A markedly English style, full-bodied and fruity, with a rather easy and slightly pastry-like palate. and slightly pastry-like... "


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