Belle Cabresse White 50° - Cubi BIB Bag-In-Box 4,5 litres !

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Rhum blanc - Rhum pur jus de canne


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Belle Cabresse White 50° - Cubi BIB Bag-In-Box 4,5 litres ! Description and customer reviews

La belle Cabresse is a white rum made from pure cane juice distilled in a column still by the Rhums Saint Maurice company in French Guyana.

La Belle Cabresse white rum 50° was awarded a gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris in 1993, 2008 and 2010.

Nico's tasting note

Summary: fresh and delicate cane - pepper - sugar cane brandy

The nose is fresh and delicate, very pleasant from the outset. The cane is natural, very soft, caressed by the paleness and dew of the morning. This cane awakens as the sun rises, it stands up like fresh grass. Its juice warms up and now gorges the reed until it is candied. The bark has imprinted a fine pepper in the pulp and the accents of fermentation encourage this fuller-bodied wave. Yet the rum still reverts to a natural and delicate character, but also radiant and sunny.
Aeration will let out a more powerful breath, with the alcohol carrying floral rose aromas. The cane still prevails, although it has definitely integrated its peppery character. This pretty cane brandy invites to ti-punch with its candied bagasse and splashes of lemon zest.

The attack on the palate is powerful and spicy, and the rum seems to quiver on the tongue, leaving a fine veil of white pepper. The taste buds are thus ready to welcome a tasty sugar cane that gives the impression of a very fine eau-de-vie. The fibre of the cane is well candied and brings a rich texture.

On the finish, the pepper has made a strong impression on the taste buds, and the fermentative aromas and a metallic touch reveal the behind-the-scenes of the production process.

"La Belle Cabresse is THE Guyanese agricultural rum, it is perfectly balanced and is without doubt in the same league as its cousins in the West Indies..."

8 reviews

  1. Doudou

    Not easy to find this rum from French Guyana, but to try it is to adopt it!
    A treat, full of aroma and sweetness.

  2. Monique BLAIRON

    Well balanced rum, ideal for punch

  3. Baard Eilertsen

    My favourite rum for the 'ti Ponch.

  4. Franky Maerten

    Very good rum

  5. Franky Maerten

    Very good rum that we tasted in French Guyana.
    Our favourite rum.

  6. Bernard ESCRIVA

    We really enjoyed this rum, which we have known for a long time and which always reminds us of Guyana. It's our very own madeleine.

  7. Pierre H



    Excellent product, very satisfied.

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