Bristol Haiti 11 years 2004-2015 Barbancourt 43

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Sweet spices - Fruit - Smoke - Iodine


Pure cane juice rum

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Bristol Haiti 11 years 2004-2015 Barbancourt 43° : Description and customer reviews

Bristol Haiti 2004 was distilled in pot stills at the great Haitian distillery Barbancourt. The rum was then imported to Bristol, England, to age in a cool, damp cellar in American oak barrels that had contained Scotch whisky. It was bottled in 2015, after 11 years of ageing.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, a small confection of milk and exotic fruits slips under the nostrils like a silk ribbon. It leaves in its wake a pinch of spice, then fuller-bodied, riper fruits, as well as a hint of crushed red fruits.

The aeration lets a light lemon syrup flow, set with ginger and herbs, for a balance that wavers between roundness and freshness.

The palate develops a very funky and deep side, which one would not necessarily have guessed at first sight. Despite a certain softness in terms of texture (barely countered by a little spicy attack), one feels that this rum is the result of an intense fermentation. The flavours of leather, very ripe exotic fruits and olives in brine are unmistakable.

The finish is slightly coppery, also resinous, and returns to candied and smoked fruits.

"The most Jamaican of Barbancourt rums...!

Whisky Lodge tasting notes (*)

On the nose, Bristol Haiti 2004 is dusty, vinous, and has an earthy, woody aroma.

On the palate, it has the vinosity of an old Jura wine and develops aromas of ripe fruit, rancio, evolving towards melon and ginger after a few moments in the mouth.

"Very original, volcanic like its terroir of origin!"

(*) Whisky Lodge is an excellent wine shop in Lyon which imports the Bristol brand and which gives us its tasting notes here.


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