Cachaça Soledade Umburana 40

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Sweet spices - Fruit - Round - Plant


Cachaça (Brésil) - Rhum

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Cachaça Soledade Umburana 40° : Description and customer reviews

Cachaça Soledade Umburana is a distillation of pure cane juice that has been aged inamburana barrels. This tree also produces beans that are called "false tonka". This wood essence has the particularity of bringing a silky texture and generous spicy fragrances.

This cachaça will make a superb caipirinha, the iconic Brazilian cocktail. However, you can imagine this cachaça in a wide variety of mixtures.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is very round and one is immediately caught up in a flight of gourmet spices. As usual, the umburana delivers strong aromas of tonka bean and cinnamon. Everything seems very soft and fluffy, and the pudgy cane is perfectly at ease with it.

The aeration allows the pure cane juice distillate to come back to the forefront a little. It's a rich, well-fermented eau-de-vie with a saline touch that comes close to a well-oiled olive tapenade and some preserved lemons. The mellow botanical generously picks up the profusion of tonka bean and cinnamon that keep coming through.

On the palate, it is the sugar cane that comes to the fore first. Its juice is soft, sunny, vegetal and mellow, with a sweet lime pulp. The pepper introduces a spicy, very fragrant wave, where the tonka bean of course has the leading role. The roundness is in order throughout the tasting, and the spices know how to remain reasonable.

The finish is relatively light, with a little cinnamon and tonka powder remaining.

"The umburana wood really develops spectacular aromas and will delight lovers of tonka bean..."

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    Obviously more expensive than when I buy it locally in Brazil, but it's the best price I've found in France, for this really top product!

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