Campbeltown Loch 40° (Loch 40°)

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Campbeltown Loch 40°: Description and customer reviews

This blend, produced by J&A Mitchell and containing whiskies at least 5 years old, uses the famous Springbank distillery in Campbeltown as its malt base, as well as a variety of whiskies from all over Scotland. Grain is generally sourced from Girvan.

Campbeltown Loch refers to a small stretch of sea south of the Kintyre peninsula, and was immortalized in an Andy Stewart song in the 60s.

Tasting notes from Thomas

The nose brings together aromas of fresh fruit (green apples and pears), a hint of apricot and some caramelized sweets. Shortly afterwards, a light smoky squall intervenes with a little crème fraîche and semolina cake. The nose is truly docile, light and focused on exploiting its youth.

The texture on the palate is soft, but the whole is quite lively. Confectionery (barley sugar), porridge, white fruit and, above all, sweet spices (nutmeg at the top, pepper) with a hint of smoke. The fruity flavors are followed by a sweet patina and a slightly metallic impression.

The finish is not very long. However, it manages to carry clear aromas of caramelized fruit and barley sugar. Orchard fruit peel comes through after a few seconds.

"A light blend that opens with notes of white fruit..."

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  1. Francois hainaut

    Excellent value for money - a true CAMPBELTOWN!

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