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Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 35° - 3 litres + pump ! Description and customer reviews

Captain Morgan Spiced is the world's most popular spiced rum.

Created in 1984, this is a traditional molasses rum aged for a few years in American oak barrels and in which sweet spices and natural herbs have been macerated.

The recipe came from a Jamaican pharmacist who sold it to the brand in the 1940s.

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold is ideal for use with cola as it enhances the spiciness of the rum and brings out the vanilla flavour of the cola. The ratio is 1 part Captain Morgan to 3 parts cola. Add a slice of lime and ice cubes!

This 3-litre bottle comes with a pump that is positioned on the neck.

Nico's tasting note

Right from the start, the nose has a fairly frank alcohol that evaporates and does not come back afterwards. What follows is a great wave of vanilla mixed with sweet spices. This vanilla is extremely present, it is sweet and coated like a candy. The greediness continues with a little milk chocolate. It is very light in flavours, simple but not unpleasant, when you like vanilla 😉
On aeration, guess who steals the show once again. Even more vanilla, for even more sweet sensation. The candy aspect is now reminiscent of a big packet of marshmallows. The sweet spices are still present, represented by cinnamon. The longer you wait, the more the vanilla fades in favour of the sugar, but this rum is not meant to wait in a glass as it is more of a cocktail product.

On the palate, as expected, it is very (very) round and very light. A little touch of caramel precedes the vanilla avalanche and the packet of marshmallows. The palate is also very simple.

The finish keeps the same tone, it is vanilla, sweet and quite drying.

"This is a very smooth rum for refreshing long drinks..."

2 reviews

  1. AGNES

    I'm not sure how much it costs per litre, but the bottle works, very practical with the pump that doesn't sell itself, happy with my purchase, nice gift to give.

  2. Teddy

    Maybe a bit expensive but still very happy with my purchase

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