Chairman's Reserve Brut de fût 2008 13 years selection Rhum Attitude 56,9°.

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Chairman's Reserve Brut de fût 2008 13 years old Rhum Attitude selection 56,9°: Description and customer reviews

This Chairman's Reserve, distilled and aged for 13 years in a tropical climate, was selected by the Rhum Attitude team.

This is a 100% column-still molasses rum that comes straight from Saint Lucia.
After a double column Coffey distillation, this 2008 vintage has been aged for 13 years in an old bourbon cask bearing the number 0885112008.
The barrel was selected by the cellar master Cyril Mangal and the Rhum Attitude team.

Among the 18 that we tested, this barrel won us over with its intensity and its greediness acquired thanks to the bourbon barrel.

Only 227 numbered bottles were produced. The bottling was done without any addition, it is a brut de fût.

Discover the very nice note of Serge Valentin through his blog, as well as the one of the Blog à Roger.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, a beautiful concentration of nuts welcomes us warmly. The caramel of the nougatine is finishing to set in the pan, the popcorn is popping not far away, the almonds are roasting gently; in short, a nice delicacy is coming.

With a little aeration, a light veil of solvent comes once again to underline the concentrated side of this rum. Then we reach more roasted notes of rye bread, toasted hazelnuts, but also sweeter notes of vanilla or toasted coconut. Further on, waves of fruit preserves lapping at the shore. We glimpse peach, guava, and some orange peel.

On the palate, the palate is quickly enveloped by this oily barrel brut. Roasted and caramelized nuts are coated with sweet spices. They spill a savory, fatty milk as they seem to crush on the taste buds, like a rich, fragrant orgeat. On the mid-palate, the spice and roast become stronger. Then we meet our well toasted American oak, topped with bourbon notes that are at once woody, cereal-like chewy, finely resinous and banana-tinged.

The finish takes the pastry turn of the banana; the almond plays the game by bringing its touch of stone.

"A very pretty American oak delicacy, coupled with an extremely tasty concentration..."

5 reviews

  1. Geoffrey Renmans butcher shop

    Nice little discovery with this sample

  2. denis

    very good rum

  3. Alain MASSARD

    not tasted, but 'drank' many notes on it, so I'm waiting for the opportunity:

  4. Patrick

    A real treat

  5. Hervé Midou

    Very good rum!

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